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The Angels in Human Social Life

This third book, entitled The Angels in Human Social Life, is a synthesis of the previous two, but with special emphasis on the urgent need for human beings of some spiritual understanding to establish intelligent contact with the Dwellers of Space, the esoteric designation of the Devas in their multiplicity of species and hierarchies, with a view to a synthesis of spiritual power which will take place if the disciples, aspirants and men and women of goodwill of the world make the necessary efforts and conform to the appropriate disciplines by the end of this century or the beginning of the next

The Hidden Forces of Nature

The idea of writing this Esoteric Treatise on Angels has a double motivation, one particular and the other universal.

Particular in the sense that I have always been attracted to and intrigued by the occult life of Nature, especially where particular reference was made to angelic entities.

Universal, because I am aware that for some years now The Spiritual Hierarchy of the Planet, through its various Ashrams, has been training many qualified disciples in the «difficult art»…


The aim of this book is to classify as much as possible the spiritual relationship established between the disciple and his Master within an Ashram of the Hierarchy. Due to the fact that in esoteric research the principle of analogy advocated by the great Initiate HERMES TRISMEGISTO is preferably used, I believe that the theme of the Ashrams of the Great Fraternity, the relationships that the numerous and qualified disciples maintain with their respective Mentors or spiritual Instructors and the different teachings imparted will be identical or very similar in each one of the Ashrams…


The study of ORGANIZED MAGIC, another of the great projects of Shamballa for this New Age of great spiritual revelations, has gone entering the world through parapsychological investigations, the knowledge and practical use of telepathy and the awakening of certain superior psychic faculties in some highly trained. All of this has resulted in a deeper understanding of the human psychology and the mysterious lives that stir in the impressive cavities of the invisible worlds….


These investigations that I submit for your consideration constitute a new book devoted to: «AN ESOTERIC TREATISE ON ANGELS.»….

In this second book we shall attempt to carry the investigation still further in an attempt to discover how and in what manner the Angels, the living forces of Space, and the devic agents at their command work from the invisible worlds to endow the universal whole with the appropriate forms it requires for the normal development of its evolutionary process