The idea of writing this Esoteric Treatise on Angels has a double motivation, one particular and the other universal. Particular in the sense that I have always been attracted to and intrigued by the occult life of Nature, especially where particular reference was made to angelic entities; Universal, because I am aware that for some years now The Spiritual Hierarchy of the Planet, through its various Ashrams, has been training many qualified disciples in the «difficult art» – a lost art as some esoteric researchers would perhaps say – of establishing conscious contact with the angelic world in order to accelerate the process of humanity’s adaptation to the very powerful energies which are penetrating the etheric aura of our planet from the zodiacal constellation of Aquarius. Some of these specially trained disciples, with great spiritual experience gained in the distant and glorious past, have been assigned the specific mission of «revealing» some of the great alchemical secrets which the Angels possess and which they wisely use to organise the creative work of the Universe and to present the whole of the angelic world, in all its immense range of Hierarchies and functions, as «individualised energy.»

These revelations will have an eminently scientific character and will demonstrate in the not too distant future that ENERGY, whatever its activity, subtlety and origin, possesses a characteristic identity that makes it adaptable to certain planetary or universal functions, its unique and primordial essence being that mysterious substance we call ELECTRICITY. This breaks down during the process of evolution into three fundamental igneous aspects: the Fire of Nature or Kundalini, which vitalises all physical forms imagined by the Creator and cyclically seeks to reveal certain definite Archetypes of perfection; the solar Fire or Fire of the Soul, a conscious and individualised substance which creates sensitivity to all levels of life in Nature; and the electrical Fire of the Spirit, technically described as FOHAT, the unique substance coexisting with the intimate Life of the Creator and constituting the basic impulse of the evolution of our planetary System.

The hierarchical decision to train world disciples in the supreme art of angelic contact, and to reach through it to orient the minds and hearts of all men and women of goodwill throughout the world towards the subjective aspect of Nature, also pursues an objective of deeper and wider implications than those merely technical to the contact or imposed by the need for a drastic change in the social conditions of the world. Such a goal is INITIATION, the objective revelation through the human being of the Fifth Kingdom of Nature. The supreme intention of The Spiritual Hierarchy of the Planet to make MAGICIANS – in the deepest, most esoteric and mystical sense – of the world disciples who withstand the electrical fire of Initiation, is in line with the fundamental purpose of SANAT KUMARA, the Lord of the World and the SUPREME MAGICIAN on our Planet, in order to channel the tremendous and shattering energies which the Lord of the Seventh Ray, through the planet URANUS, sends down upon the Earth, channelling them from the creative centre of a mysterious Star in the Constellation of Aquarius, vibrating the ethers of Space and bringing into incandescence certain definite levels in the life of humanity and all the other Kingdoms of Nature.

The consideration of the Initiate as a White Magician in order to help planetary evolution presupposes a conscious contact with certain Hierarchies of Angels, or streams of individualised energy, who cooperate in the mystical process of liberation or redemption from the complex world of the worn – out mental, emotional and physical forms which constitute the material, substantial or karmic basis of our planet Earth.

Now, in order to this magical concept of life or angelic response to man’s spiritual life, there are seven great streams of energy at work at the beginning of this New Age of unsuspected world opportunities:

  1. A cosmic type of energy stream, beyond human understanding, coming from a specific star in the constellation of Aquarius.
  • A stream of qualified energy from That mysterious spiritual Entity defined in its entirety as the «SEVENTH RAY.»
  • A supremely dynamic stream of planetary energy flowing from SHAMBALLA, the highest spiritual Centre of our Planet, through the indescribable activity of That psychological Entity known in esoteric and mystical treatises as SANAT KUMARA.
  • A stream of spiritual energy bringing sensitivity to Life in all its possible expressions, in response to the supreme activity of SHAMBALLA, coming from that mystical centre of the planet esoterically defined as the Spiritual Hierarchy or Great White Brotherhood.
  • A stream of energy generated by Humanity itself, highly sensitised by The Hierarchy and channelled by the spiritual disciples and men and women of goodwill throughout the world, in a decisive attempt to establish peace, beauty and harmony in human relationships.
  • An infinite and unknown stream of angelic energy surging forth from the highest levels of every Plane bringing forth new human Archetypes, new and more fertile seeds of civilisation and the foundations of the new social order of the world.
  • A stream of highly subtle etheric energy from the occult levels of Nature, a higher evolution of those potent and unsuspected planetary forces esoterically called «devas of forms» or «building elementals,» which are to bring into manifestation purer and more radiant material substance, better and more streamlined human bodies and more fraternal environments within humanity.

These seven lines of activity in order to the process of expansion of the planetary energies as a whole will be studied as scientifically as possible in the course of this Treatise, but always in the necessity of human – angelic contact and in accordance with the idea of perfection and redemption of certain definite aspects in the life of our old but ever-vibrant world.

I will close this Preface with a song of friendship to the familiar Angels who constitute our social environment and with a sentiment of humane reverence for the Great Archangels of the System, whose splendid and exalted Lives constitute the Planes of Nature. I also raise a song of hope for all human beings, citizens of our world. A new THEURGY of incalculable planetary consequences rises out of human karmic destiny and emerges from the mysterious depths of divine Design. The conscious human being, the redeeming seed of the Magicians and Alchemists of the future, should begin now his task of approaching the Angels, our brothers of the invisible worlds, on the level that is most suitable and familiar to him, thus contributing with his personal and determined collaboration and effort to the exaltation and development of the noble qualities which the Spirit of the Race has the mission to reveal.Vicente Beltrán Anglada