INTENTION is the prime motive of Creation. There is a very broad sense of values in this statement and one should not try to discover its secret right away. We can say, however, that the Need for expression of any human, planetary or solar psychological Entity is due to karmic reasons of the highest transcendence. There is a sovereign Power that incites action based on this expressive need for any kind of karma, assigning to karma a very special, one might say new, meaning in respect of the esoteric formulations of the past, that of Psychological Entity or Individuality. This idea may cause the average aspirant a certain crisis of values, and even in some of the more spiritually sound investigators, some confusion in the mental order, for it apparently contradicts all esoteric teaching hitherto received. We can affirm, however, that the deep and analytical consideration of such an idea may perhaps yield the exact recognition of what is to be understood as INTENTION, when referred to these high zones of high spiritual frequency where the life of the Universes is breeded.

If we wish to present the Logoic Life from the angelic point of view, which is very different in its appreciation from that of human beings in terms of the ideas we intend to present in this Treatise, we will necessarily be obliged to use esoteric expressions very different from those we are accustomed to. However, when we analyse their layout, we will see that everything is basically ordered according to the same LAW, varying only the sense of orientation or focus, i.e., perspective. It will therefore be necessary to have frequent recourse to the hermetic principle of analogy in order not to feel detached from the process of the ideas that we will be presenting, which are related to the Angels and to the kind of vision that they use, very different from ours, in order to be able to gloss over a set of values of a universal nature in relation to the usual concepts of Creation and of creative Intention.

Thus, when we speak of Intention when referring to the structuring of a Universe, we take into account the devic vision which is, ultimately, the one that must inform us about the Great Alchemical Secret that produces and determines any possible universal manifestation. The Intentionality of God, or the permanent character of His desire to manifest through the effect of the karmic pressure which constitutes the positive and dynamic aspect of His creative nature, energises the ethers of Space, makes them incandescent and mouldable for the activity of the Angels, from the mighty MAHADEVAS who are the immediate and executing aspect of the Divine Intention, down to the minute elementals of Nature, who in the farthest and most remote reaches of a Plane build the densest supports corresponding to the etheric substantiality of that Plane. We have said «etheric substantiality» or the material aspect of the Universe and we would like to recall in this respect what Madame BLAVATSKY stated in «THE SECRET DOCTRINE,» that Spirit and Matter are essentially the same thing, that Spirit is Matter of the subtlest, highest and most qualified vibration, and that Matter is Spirit descended to its more objective, heavy or gravitational aspect. Thus we use the term «etheric substantiality» in the esoteric sense of materiality, admitting that the subtlety or density of a Plane will always depend upon the degree to which Spirit predominates over Matter, or Matter over Spirit on that Plane. This idea must be borne in mind when we seek to critically examine the activity of the Lord RAJA, MAHADEVA or ARCHANGEL who expresses Himself either through the Monadic Plane, of indescribable subtlety, or through the Physical Plane, whose Matter is much denser and more ponderable. The INTENTIONALITY of God is the same in both cases, since they are part of His same Will, but the manner of actualising it and the nature of the materials used in the construction of the Plane will differ appreciably in their degrees of subtlety, «subtlety» being understood scientifically as certain modifications of that Will in order to create the Universe. In our Solar System, as is esoterically known, there are SEVEN such levels or Planes of Consciousness of the creative Divinity, SEVEN Great Archangels or Mahadevas who execute His Will, and SEVEN, in short, the great Currents of Energies, technically called RAYS, which, arising from the immaculate Life Centre of His Heart, vitalise and integrate the whole Universe.

The Seven Great Archangels are essential aspects or modifications of the Logoic Consciousness during the process of conception, gestation, birth, growth or development and subsequent culmination of the Solar System, their high mission being to fill the Universe with all possible forms of existence, so that each of the atomic particles of consciousness, which together constitute the Great Solar Consciousness, may have at their disposal the necessary and required vehicle for expression. Logically it will always be the quality of life or consciousness revealed through each of those atomic particles, within which human life can be included, that will determine within the Solar Consciousness, its location on one or other of those Seven Planes outlined above. The process appears to us to be very simple from the principle of Creation and following the esoteric idea of angelic participation in the creative process of the Forms, which gives a definite character to the Planes of Nature, and to this simplification, the esoteric studies of the Planes of the Solar System, which are psychological characteristics of the Logos Himself, contribute mightily to this simplification. We shall therefore neither add to nor subtract from the enumeration or classification of these Planes, which as you know, are as follows:

  1. ADIC PLANE                  (Of Divine Intention)
  2. MONADIC PLANE         (Of the Creator Hierarchies)
  3. ATOMIC PLANE            (Of Spiritual Will)
  4. BUDDHIC PLANE          (Of Universal Unity)
  5. MENTAL PLANE            (Of the Consciousness of Life)
  6. ASTRAL PLANE            (Of the Sensibility of Life)
  7. PHYSICAL PLANE        (Of the Multiple Sensations of Life)

What we are fundamentally interested in knowing for the purpose of our study is the special constitution of each of these Planes, and the determinism which guides the mysterious angelic activity, which arising from the Intention of God, and after infinite modifications of the primordial substance we call Ether, produces the manifested Universe. We must bear in mind, however, something which modern esoteric researchers seem to have forgotten, and that is that Space is living substance governed by a Psychological Entity, and that the solar Logos, through the great Archangels, uses that substance to create His Universe. Up to his point we had accepted esoterically as valid the idea that the ethers of Space possessed a dynamism peculiar to them, but from this point onwards, in order to understand better the activity of the angelic Lives, we shall have to endow the ether not only with natural and inherent dynamism, but also with intelligence and will, characteristics of a high and most potent Psychological Entity, which completely transcends our highest imagination. This idea, apparently revolutionary to some, is according to the esoteric vision of our Age, the only one that can give us a logical explanation of the meaning of karma and of the cyclic manifestation of the universes. Space, as an Entity, is thus imbued with karma, karma being the natural, or social – if we may so express it – environment of the creator Gods.

In the creative destiny of any Logos there must logically exist, if we follow the analogy, a kind of astrological predestination which prompts Him to «choose» His place, or His exact situation in Space, and to acquire thereby a definite type of Personality or Psychological Entity, with certain qualities of life and a specific type of consciousness in accordance with His expressive or karmic needs. The karma from the past of any solar Logos and the karma or destiny of the Space Entity must establish a centre of balance and harmony. When the «pressure» of both karmic aspects reaches a point of very high integration or fusion, Ether is created, the angelic substance which is the basis of universal conception. We can also say that Space has become mouldable to a psychological Will with imminent needs for expression and that from this time the Great Builders of the Cosmos, the Great Archangels or Mahadevas, closely allied to the Lords of Karma, can begin their Work of Construction.

We realise that these ideas will appear to the intellectual concept as something really strange, mysterious and unheard of, and almost without any possible points of preciseness, but we must remember in this respect what we said earlier about «the angelic vision» of the creative process of the Universe, which is very different in each case from that which corresponds to our human perception. Only in a high measure of spiritual integration and using higher intuition will it be possible for us to understand the angelic vision. To the Angel all is Life and to man all is Form; paradoxically, however, the Angel must be conscious of Form for he must operate upon it, and man must acquire a perfect consciousness of Life in order to free himself from Form. Hence the need for a spiritual bond of union and understanding, of consciousness and brotherhood, to be established between the two streams of evolution, the devic or angelic and the human. If this happens one day – and such is indeed the logoic programme of Evolution – our terrestrial humanity will come to feel Life so deeply, with its wondrous and unspeakable secrets, that the highest philosophical conceptions of our world and the greatest known miracles will become like the feeble, inchoate babbling of a new – born baby. The knowledge which is at present the preserve only of the enlightened minds of mankind, or of the great Initiates, must in the more or less distant future form part of the mental concept, one might almost say the general concept, of the average man of our day. However, many internal doors still have to be opened before this almost general understanding of the creative process can be reached. A major part of the purpose of this Esoteric Treatise on Angels is to «enlighten the mystical vision» and to endow the intellectualised minds of a large section of humanity with spiritual intuition, so that the ethers of the Mental Plane may be energised with the Fire of a new Reality, more in accordance with the needs of these new times.