As we embark on our study, the first and mandatory question is the following: What are Angels? This question will constitute the permanent challenge to our mind as long as our occult investigations into that great Creator Mystery continue. For us, Angels are simply ENERGY, an Energy that expresses itself on all Planes of Nature and at all levels of being. Every type of energy, from that which is generated by a single electron to that which is expressed in the highest reaches of our solar system, is angelic in character and essentially etheric, varying only in the quality of the ethers in the determination or production of the infinite and diverse types of energy. This statement leads us to consider another profound question: What is the ETHER? Our thinking on this is as follows: The dynamic activity of a Logos, whether Cosmic, Universal or Planetary, by infusing its Life into the space which serves as its frame of expression, creates an impassable circle or boundaries which perfectly delimit Its Action with respect to the universal activity of other creator Logos. Well, these zones of Space confined within the impassable circle of the psychological activity of a Logos and energised by his Will to Be, to Exist and to Manifest are esoterically Ether, the substance from which the worlds and all existing creations arise.

Now, is there any relation between the Angels, as energy, and the ethers as the universal substance of Creation? Yes, there is an absolute, total relationship. To better clarify this idea, let us analyse the Life of any universal Creator from the angle of the three main attributes that characterise Him during the universal process of Creation:

  2. MIND

The Mind of the Creator plans, orders and invigorates. It is the affirmative Power of the Consciousness of Self and Realisation.

Energy, in all its possible expressions, arises from the contact of divine Mind with the ethers of Space. It produces a shock and a vibration and determines a sensitive response from the dwellers of Space, from the Angels. The well-known esoteric sentence: «Energy follows thought» perfectly defines this idea of Mind – Energy relationship. The result of it is «substantiation of Ether,» the conversion of Ether into Matter.

Matter, and the multiplicity of forms that arise from it during the evolutionary process of a Universe, are the result of the energy manipulated by the Angels in substantiating or condensing the Ethers according to the vibratory intensity of any kind of Mind, from the Mind of the Creator down to the tiniest mind of the most insignificant atom or chemical element. Matter is the substantial aspect of Creation, it is energy crystallised by the power of the mind.

The esoterically defined «gunas» of Matter, or qualities by which Matter expresses itself, i.e., motion, repose and rhythm, are in their totality, the life of the lesser angels or devas of forms, generically defined as «building elementals,» these being creatures of the ethers, in a multiplicity of subtleties and degrees of evolution, these creatures of the ethers condense the work of Matter and elaborate, vitalise, preserve, perfect and finally destroy, when their purpose is accomplished, all manner of forms in Nature, no matter at what level they express themselves or the glory of the destiny they entail. The study of Matter, as marvellous and fascinating as that of the creative Spirit itself, will one day lead men of science to the recognition of these mysterious lesser lives which co-exist with the ether and which, from the occult angle of Life, structure the geometrical and physical form of all creation.

It is hoped that this brief Introduction will enable an understanding of the ideas, some of them deeply esoteric, which will be developed in this Treatise. We will present them as scientifically as possible and always in accordance with the Hermetic principle of analogy, leaving completely aside all historical, traditional and mystical concepts about the subject we are trying to develop. With the noble purpose of research and discovery, and looking boldly and confidently at the great perspectives of the zodiacal and planetary destiny that we are living in this new Age of great cyclic opportunities, and of no less great human decisions, we are going to enter together into a mysterious and unknown world where the social structures are for us wonderfully harmonious and full of immense possibilities of life and fraternity. It is our fervent wish and best hope that we will succeed in our common endeavour.Vicente Beltrán Anglada