Felices Navidades

Aprovechamos la ocasión para renovar una vez más nuestro contrato de Amistad y Fraternidad para el año 2024. (Equipo Asociación VBA). (Felicitación completa)


With this book, which I submit for your consideration under the title of «My Spiritual Experiences,» I do not intend anything other than to introduce the reader, whatever his degree of spiritual integration, to the study of the life that expresses itself in other dimensions of space and which are not usually registered by our physical senses or mechanisms of external perception: Psychic experiences at different levels, Devic, or angelic, experiences of ordinary order, Devic experiences of a higher order and Spiritual experiences of a transcendent nature. Donwload book


    I don’t know, actually, how many books have been written about AGNI YOGA. Surely very few. But all its very broad meaning is limited to the area of the individual heart where, according to the opinion of the wise and enlightened of the world, the center of Truth and Life is located.

    Thus, the entire system of AGNI YOGA is defined simply as the Science of the Heart. It is, therefore, about the Science of the Heart that we are going to talk in this book. Donwload book


    When rereading “The Hierarchy, the Solar Angels and Humanity” prior to its second edition, I realized how much can still be said about each of the topics discussed in this book, particularly about the life and relations inside an Ashram and the inner evolution of its constituent members. 

    Their level of evolution expresses capacities of mental perception and creative service, as well as a progressive initiation into the Sacred Mysteries of the Divinity. Donwload book

    El doble OM y el triple AUM

    El doble OM y el triple AUM son los sonidos que en su mutua y armoniosa conjunción producen al hombre realizado, al ser humano perfecto o Maestro de Compasión y de sabiduría. La estrella de cinco puntas es, desde el punto de vista de nuestro estudio acerca de la Palabra, Verbo o Sonido, un resultado de equilibrar el Verbo Solar OM con el triple sonido AUM, que es una respuesta de los tres reinos inferiores de la Naturaleza, mineral, vegetal y animal, a la voluntad del Hombre espiritual o alma, que los utiliza como vehículos de expresión. Cuaderno esotérico VBA El doble OM y el triple AUM.